After the first hype, the first specific applications of blockchain technology with added value for network operators, energy suppliers, prosumers and other players in the energy market are gaining acceptance. Advantages of the technology comprise the innovative way of secure, immutable and transparent data storage and digital value transfer without intermediaries with the participation of parties with different interests and objectives. The technology potential in the energy industry is promising, ranging from peer-to-peer electricity trading between neighbors and electricity billing automation to process execution on the wholesale markets. A large number of blockchain start-ups and field tests in the energy sector have emerged in the recent years.

A guide helps to orientate in this rapidly changing environment. We are happy to take over this role: due to the close cooperation with our sister company OLI Systems GmbH we are very close to the practical implementation of blockchain technology. In projects for OLI Systems and as a partner in C/sells we analyzed the potential of the technology and conceptualized its use in new applications. Our knowledge and experience encompass the technical and energy-economic framework conditions of possible blockchain applications, associated business models as well as their regulatory requirements.



Shaping the Energiewende...


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