We want to advance energy transition. To do this, we couple entrepreneurship with independent scientific analysis. Consistency in consulting is essential for us do justice to the complexity of pending decisions. We work with targets in mind and possess a deep understanding of entrepreneurial thinking. In particular, we can contribute knowledge on commercial processes and develop business models, thus contributing to the development of business for our private customers.

Our geographical focus is on the regional and national levels. These are the most important levels for implementing energy transition. Furthermore, the European Union defines important milestones of national energy policy in Europe, which is why together with our extensive network of European partners we also get involved at this level. Finally, we also work internationally, i.e. beyond Europe, in order to pass on experience from the German energy transition to other countries as well. In the fast developing countries of Asia and Africa we can build infrastructures with intelligent technologies. Our clients in Germany will also benefit from the experience we have gained there, with the extensive implementation of new technologies.

Our business principles are:

  • Quality and comprehensibility of our work, always keeping our customers’ requirements in mind, have the highest priority for us.
  • We want to provide a contribution to energy transition, which is relevant to society. We consider this a part of our global responsibility.
  • The cooperative behaviour which is necessary between all players for the implementation of energy transition is something we also want to nurture with our clients, partners and colleagues.

Shaping the Energiewende...


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