Services for public institutions

We manage energy transition for you and build bridges between the traditional and the new world of energies. Our focus is on leading today’s centralised, fossil-based supply towards a world of decentralised energy services provided efficiently from renewable energies, where fossil energies represent a continuously shrinking back-up. We are a company focussing on political consultation and can guarantee politics and public authorities long-term support with a high level of technical and technological competence. We are aware: Science-based results are essential as justification grounds for contracting authorities.

We work for state and federal ministries and lower-ranking authorities, for councils and governments all over the world. Our expertise focuses on renewable energies, energy efficiency, smart grids and sustainability, but we also include parts of the fossil energy economy. We supervise processes and provide studies connecting scientific analysis with target-oriented guidance. Working in close consultation with clients, involving other relevant players and co-operating with associates, our multidisciplinary teams deal with technical, economic, ecological, legal, political and social issues. Our documentation of results is readily intelligible, balanced and to the point, and published in studies, presentations and brochures.


  • Design, monitoring and evaluation of parameters promoting renewable energies and energy efficiency
  • Strategies for implementing renewable energies and advanced energy technologies
  • Market studies on energy technologies
  • Regional energy concepts
  • Workshop, convention and discussion group hosting

Shaping the Energiewende...


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