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We prepared our first compact balance sheet for the common good (only in German) and have been certified as a company for the common good.

The common good economy describes a more social, ecological and democratic economy. Based on the values ​​of human dignity, solidarity, ecological sustainability, social justice, co-determination and transparency, the measures that a company takes to make a contribution to the well-being of all people beyond the legal framework are presented.

The common good balance (common good report + common good matrix) is the central tool of the common good economy. With its matrix structure, it helps to map entrepreneurial activity and its effects. This creates a valuable basis for future decisions. We share these values ​​and are a member of the Association for the Promotion of the Economy for the Common Good.

The Stuttgart Economic Development Agency supports Stuttgart companies in their entry into the economy of the common good as part of the “Sustainably fit for tomorrow” funding program. Project manager Birgit Haller rates the offer very positively: "As a company, we stand behind the ideas of the common good economy. We see the business promotion offer as an opportunity to examine and improve the impact of our work according to the criteria of the common good economy and at the same time to do better in Stuttgart network ". Managing director Ole Langniß also sees opportunities in this: "The public welfare balance enables us to identify priority areas for improvement for our company. As we work very networked, we can achieve more for the common good, especially in cooperation with other companies."


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