The high level use case "Regionalized Trade" was developed by Dr. Langniß - Energie & Analyze, OLI Systems GmbH and Energiedienst AG as part of the SINTEG project C/sells. It includes the conception and partial implementation of local trade and exchange of energy and flexibility.

The development of local energy markets is in line with the EU's energy policy goals. Accordingly, end users were granted rights to play an active role in the energy market by marketing excess energy and flexibilities they generated themselves.

With the pilot in the form of a local energy market in the WIRcommunity demonstration cell, it was possible to show within the applicable regulatory framework that consumption and generation can be traded on a small scale and thus balanced. Through the regionalized trade, the previous passive actors are actively involved and thus make an important contribution to the energy transition. In addition, new marketing opportunities will be created for the post-EEG systems, which will make their continued operation economical.

In addition, the following blockchain-based use cases were conceived: proof of origin for electricity, balancing group management, flexible network-friendly electric vehicle charging and peer-to-peer matching.

The implementation of the WIRcommunity including the technologies and participating actors makes it possible to develop blueprints for Germany-wide use and to make recommendations for the size and composition of local markets. As a result of the simulations, general recommendations for action for the establishment of local markets were derived.

Keywords: C/sells, blockchain, local markets, peer-to-peer, proof of origin, balancing group management, smart charging, post-EEG


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